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For information on results delivery, see bottom of page.

I'm traveling internationally

If you are travelling internationally, please visit the Sonic Travel Testing page for further details.


Appointment is required, please phone 03 6432 8800.
Please bring your passport and request form.

Click here for details about international travel

I need a test pre-admission to hospital

If you are preparing to be admitted to hospital and require a pre-admission COVID-19 test, ensure your Doctor has given you a request form.
Then in the time before your admission, as advised by your Doctor, visit your nearest dedicated collection site.


Please bring your request form from your Doctor and your Medicare card.
Appointment is required , please phone 03 6432 8800.

Click here for testing locations

My employer needs me to be tested for COVID-19

If your employer has asked you to be tested for COVID-19 as part of a corporate arrangement, they should provide you with a request form, please bring this to your nearest dedicated collection site.


Appointment is required , please phone 03 6432 8800.

Click here for testing locations

I have symptoms or have been near someone with COVID-19

Please visit the Tasmanian Government website for details

Click here for information 



Results are available 24-48 hours after your sample has been collected. If you do not receive an SMS after this time , please phone the testing laboratory on (03) 6432 8800.
International Travellers will receive a link to their travel report via SMS, please see the international travel testing page for more details. 

Positive results

When your test is complete and the result is positive, you will receive an SMS, you will also be contacted by the public health unit of the state where your test was collected. You must self-isolate immediately and wait until you are advised by the public health unit of your next steps.

Negative results

When your test is complete and the result is negative, you will receive an SMS.

SMS Disclaimer

All results where COVID-19 is 'Negative' or 'Positive' will be sent to patients via SMS where a mobile number has been provided.

Please be aware that SMS is not considered completely secure and is subject to typographical error, misdirection or non-delivery.

We will make every effort to SMS the result, but can take no responsibility should you fail to receive the SMS or your privacy is breached.

Limited identifying details are sent in the SMS result.

Results usually take up to 48 hours from the time the sample is received in our laboratory. However due to current high volume of testing, results may not be available until after this time.

If you have not received your result after this time, please call our Results Department on 03 6223 1955